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Diagnostic Department at German Medical Center possesses the latest equipment for endoscopic examinations, functional diagnostics, ultrasound investigation of different organs.


The most informative bowel examination method, that allows to:

  • examine the mucous membrane of the colon
  • estimate level and length of disease
  • detect bening and malignant tumors, erosive diseases (ulcerative colitis, chronic cicatrizing enteritis) at early stages
  • sample for cyto-histological examination in order to make a diagnosis
  • remove polyps


We offer

  • comfortable conditions
  • modern flexible ultrathin video endoscopes by German company RZ Medizintechnik and Japanese manufacturer Pentax
  • experience of our specialists
  • pain relief (medication sleep)
What is unique about this procedure is the fact that patient is sleeping during examination and doesn’t feel any discomfort. We use modern anesthetic that guarantees immediate recovery after procedure.
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