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German Medical Center possesses the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders. Long-term experience of German specialists and latest European standards of treatment let us cure difficult gynecological diseases.

Our physiotherapy department offers rehabilitation exercise programs for women in the postpartum period.


Hysteroscopy   is an investigation of the uterine cavity by injection of the micro videocamera that shows endometrium.

In case when pathology is found (polyposis, endometrium enlargement), doctor can do some operative actions (polyp removal, curettement) in order to avoid repeated procedure.

For that purpose doctor use hysteroscopic resectoscope wih the help of which procedures in uterine cavity are performed. Procedure lasts from 30 to 90 minutes and is performed only under general anaesthesia.

We offer

  • highly-experienced German and Russian surgeons
  • high accuracy of procedures in uterine cavity (Karl Storz equipment)
  • minimal complications risk
  • safe anesthesia of high quality
  • short recovery period (you can plan pregnancy in a month after polyp removal)
  • European standards and methods
  • comfortable inpatient facility
At our clinic we use Karl Storz bipolar hysteroscopic resectoscope. It guarantees minimal traumatization of surrounding tissue that allows to perform more accurate surgeries. 

As a result, uterine cavity pathologies becomes easier to operate (at any angle).


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