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German Medical Center possesses the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders. Long-term experience of German specialists and latest European standards of treatment let us cure difficult gynecological diseases.

Our physiotherapy department offers rehabilitation exercise programs for women in the postpartum period.


In course of time female body undergoes aging. Pregnancy and maternity affect not only the shape but also the genitals condition. Aesthetic weaknesses of genital area can cause some psychological problems. Anatomical change can cause some difficulties in sexual intercourse, having a negative impact on sexual life.

German Medical Center offers the latest methods that can help to solve intimate problems.

Intimate biorevitalization guarantees:

  • moisturisation, disappearing of dryness and itching in vulva
  • frequency reduction of inflammatory diseases, herpes eruption of vulva and vagina
  • preventive measures as a part of combined therapy of vulvar mucous membrane and skin atrophy (kraurosis)

Labiaplasty is aimed at:

  • enlargement of G-spot as a treatment of different forms of anorgasmia
  • narrowing of vagina opening and vagina internal size, removal of epithalamic commissure overdistension
  • remodeling of vulvar lips shape and size (dystrophy, atrophy, asymmetry, cicatricial deformity)

We offer

  • qualified gynecologist
  • comfortable conditions of procedures
  • client-centered approach
  • supplies of high quality PaulHartmann
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