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German Medical Center possesses the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders. Long-term experience of German specialists and latest European standards of treatment let us cure difficult gynecological diseases.

Our physiotherapy department offers rehabilitation exercise programs for women in the postpartum period.


Minimal surgical interference that includes 2-3 tiny incisions on the anterior abdominal wall (in the groin area and near the navel).

Abdominoscopy is an effective treatment method for:

  • endometriosis
  • ovarian cyst
  • hysteromyoma
  • salpingitis
  • tubal pregnancy
  • pelvic diaphragm disruption

Abdominoscopy is also used in case of hysterectomy.


We offer

  • high accuracy of procedures (modern Karl Storz abdominoscopy equipment)
  • safe anesthesia of high quality
  • little trauma probability
  • minimal complications risk
  • short recovery period
  • maintenance of uterine cervix and body (removal only of myoma nodule - conservative myomectomy), that allows you to plan pregnancy after surgery
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