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Shock-wave therapy

At German Medical Center we perform procedures with the help of short-wave therapy system, that are unique for Voronezh:

  • muscles and joints chronic pain treatment
  • treatment of back pain in case of osteochondrosis
  • maintenance of sportsmen’s physical condition and recovery after injuries
  • anti-cellulite program


  • tailbone pains
  • prominent heel
  • epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • styloiditis
  • trochanteritis
  • frozen shoulder
  • osteochondrosis, hernia and intervertebral disc protrusion
  • temporomandibular arthrosis
  • arthrosis of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle joints
  • coxarthrosis (Legg's disease)
  • adductor syndrome
  • joint contractures
  • slow fracture healing (e.g. after Ilizarov apparatus installation or osteosynthesis surgeries)
  • diseases and trauma of chorda, joints and muscles: Achilles tendon rupture, tendinitis of patellar ligament (jumper syndrome), biceps tendinitis, calcific tendinitis etc.
  • pain syndrome (trigger, myotonic and myofascial pains), including pain after injury
  • cellulite and regional body fat

Treatment of athletic injuries

At German Medical Center we offer combined treatment of athletic injuries, old injuries consequences, chronic muscle and joint pains:

  • muscle rapture and stretching
  • sprains and closed wounds
  • fracture
  • external bruise (hematoma)
  • bursitis
  • hernia
  • epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • kneecap tendinitis
  • achillodynia (Achilles tendon injury)
  • ligament disorders
  • pains in chorda and ligament insertion area
  • slow fracture healing


Recovery is aimed at shortening rehabilitation period after overexertion or trauma, and also at mental condition activating before important competition:

  • orthopaedics (sports medicine surgeries)
  • physiotherapy (shock-wave therapy system EWATAGE)
  • pneumatic rehabilitation training device EN-Dynamic Trackby Dutch company Enraf Nonius
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