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At German Medical Center we deliver quality medical care in in the following cases:
inflammatory and virulent diseases of the female genital tract
menstrual disorders
climacteric state
infertility and miscarriage
cervix pathology
German Medical Center possesses the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders. Long-term experience of German specialists and latest European standards of treatment let us cure difficult gynecological diseases.

Our physiotherapy department offers rehabilitation exercise programs for women in the postpartum period.
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During consultations we prescribe and perform:
breast examinations and ultrasound
pelvic ultrasound
cervix pathology procedures (videocolposcopy, target biopsy, cervix pathology therapy with the help of the Surgitronradio wave surgical device)
removal of the vulvar condyloma
injection and removal of the intrauterine device
menstrual disorder
premenstrual syndrome
climacteric syndrome
polycystic ovarian
syndrome acne
leukoplakia and kraurosis vulvae
Gynaecological endocrinology
You can contact us at the matter the gynaecological endocrinology and urogynecology problems.
chronic cystitis
selection and injection of German Arabin pessary in case of uterine and vaginal descent
electric perineum muscle stimulation
Infantile gynecology
Our parthenologist specializes in the following problems:
rubor of the vulvar skin and mucous membrane, genital itching and burning, vaginal discharge
supressed menstruation by age of 14
menstrual cycle disorder
menorrhagia (abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding)
dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
menstrual cycle interruption for more than 2 months
overweight or underweight
intensive face, body and extremities hair growth
linear atrophy
face and body acne eruption
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