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German Medical Center possesses the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders. Long-term experience of German specialists and latest European standards of treatment let us cure difficult gynecological diseases.

Our physiotherapy department offers rehabilitation exercise programs for women in the postpartum period.
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modern high-technology equipment
European standards and methods
highly-experienced German and Russian surgeons
safe anesthesia of high quality
comfortable inpatient facility
short recovery period
no temporary incapacitation (discharge from the hospital in 2 days)
no need in taking antibiotics
Hysterectomy is a surgical removal of uterus or its part. Hysterectomy is used in case when all the other methods were not effective and patient's life is at risk.
Depending on individual patient's features and her condition, metrectomy can be performed in one of the following ways:
We offer
abdominal (through an incision in the abdominal wall)
vaginal (through vagina)
laparoscopic (through tiny punctures)
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