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German Medical Center offers diagnostics and treatment of the following diseases:
anal fissure
anal fimbriae
anal polyps
rectal fistula
perianal pointed condyloma
pilonidal cyst
Our advantages:
hemorrhoid hardening
ligation of hemorrhoid with rubber band operative hemorrhoid treatmen
minimally invasive procedures
modern high-technology equipment
disposable supplies
short recovery period
post-operation patient management

Diagnosis of proctological disorders

Endoscopic way of examination in case of rectal diseases (examination of rectal area 6-8 cm long).
hemorrhoid inflammation
anal fissure
anal polyps
rectal fistula
perianal condyloma
bening and malignant tumors
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We use the latest methods for hemorrhoid treatment:
Anoscopy is recommended to almost all patients with hemorrhoid symptoms.

Anoscopy allows to diagnose the following diseases:
pains in rectal area
discomfort while evacuating
bloody or mucoid discharge in fecal masses hemorrhoid in anal orifice are
Rectoscopy gives very informative results. It is recommended not only in case of pathologies but also as a preventive method of rectal canser.

Rectoscopy is recommended in following cases:
Endoscopic way of examination in case of rectal diseases (examination of rectal area about 20 cm long).
These symptoms are evidence of serious rectal problems and can be consequences of such diseases as colitis, sphincteritis, amebiasis, pyosis, bowel erosions.
Innovative procedure that allows to diagnose any сolon diseases. During procedure rectum and colon mucous membranes are thoroughly examined. Thus bening and malignant tumors and other diseases can be diagnosed at early stages.

At German Medical Center we use modern flexible video endoscopes by German company RZ Medizintechnik, that minimize the sense of discomfort.

If the patient has bowel commissures after earlier surgeries, he might feel pain. In that case our clinic can offer videocolonoscopical bowel examination under anaesthesia that includes pain relief and medication sleep. What unique about this procedure is that fact that patient is sleeping during examination and doesn't feel any discomfort. We use modern anesthetic that guarantees immediate recovery after procedure.
Preparations for proctological procedures
Two cleansing enemas "MicroLax" (with half hour interval) 1-2 hours before procedure.
Rectoscopy (rectoromanoscopy)
Examination by a proctologist supposes a diagnosis:
abdominal palpation
digital rectal examination
You can also undergo more effective intestinal examination – videocolonoscopy.
We understand that proctology is a very delicate area of medicine and try to create the most comfortable conditions during procedures.
Thus we have a special proctological examination chair by German company Schmitzh equipped with a special construction that allows to relax back and pelvic muscles. This minimizes patient's discomfort and increases examination quality for a doctor.
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