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German Medical Center possesses the latest German equipment for delivering rehabilitation.

Exercise therapy and Medical fitness

The only thing that matters is these have to be the right exercises. Thus, if you have health problems, exercises should be guided by doctor, not trainer.

We offer a new direction - medical fitness, that combines medical and sportive approach in treatment and preventive measures. Medical fitness is very popular abroad, but not very common in Russia. We make medical fitness accessible for everyone.
Medical fitness combines:
trauma recovery
joint replacement recovery
back pain exercises
scoliosis exercise therapy (children and adults)
postural disorder exercise therapy (children and adults)
    Exercise can replace many medications, but no medicine in the world can replace exercise.

    Alfred de Musset
    1. Exercise therapy
    2. Pneumatic training device exercises
    3. Therapeutic massage
    Our exercise therapy and medical fitness doctor gives individual classes. Exercises are chosen depending on anatomy and human physiology knowledge. During exercises doctor discovers individual characteristics of patient's body and corrects exercise program.

    Physical exercises solve many locomotor system problems, that seem very difficult.
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    We offer exercise therapy in following cases:
    Medical fitness therapy is recommended to:
    women in the postpartum period
    sportsmen (after trauma and for strength increasing)
    people, recovering after trauma
    people with manager's syndrome (headache, back pain, postural disorders)
    people who wants to correct their weight (to lose weight or to gain muscle mass)
    people who wants to do fitness in cases of contra indications (overweight, spine disorders, cardiovascular system disorders)
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