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Chronic injuries

Often it takes months or even years to heal chronic injuries. This brings a lot of problems to patient and has a negative impact on life quality. Precise diagnosis is a key to such injuries treatment, that should always be comprehensive. It takes time, high professionalism and relevant experience to achieve optimal results in curing.

At German Medical Center chronic injuries are cured by standardized technique, developed in Germany, Switzerland and USA.

Trophic ulcer

Open wound on the skin or mucosa, that stays unhealed for 6 and more weeks. Such wounds are diabetes, varicosity and lymphostasis consequenses.
We offer
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European standards and methods
Employees trained in Germany
Vivano® system — innovative method, unique in Voronezh
The key principle of vacuum therapy is creation of constant or variable continuous negative pressure inside the wound with the help of the system that is completely isolated from external effects. This system consists of vacuum generator and a band fixed at the wound. Vacuum band is transparent, so control over wound state is carried out without discomfort for a patient. Use of vacuum bands is hygienic that allows to prevent wound infection.
Trophic ulcers can locate on the different body parts: in case of diabetes – on the feet, in case of venous insufficiency – on the lower leg etc.
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