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24-hour blood pressure monitoring method
diagnose different heart rhythm disorders (including life threatening)
find ischemic heart disease symptoms (IHD) at its early stages
monitor different temporary conduction defects in heart function
rate cardiostimulator effectiveness
conduct rythmography (receive the characteristics of background heart rhythm and estimate the quality of anti-arrhythmic therapy)
    Noninvasive electrophysiological method of heart muscle examination, including registration of heart biopotentials and their imaging on paper or screen.
    Noninvasive method of heart imaging, that allows to examine its morphological and functional characteristics with the help of echo ultrasound signals.
    Diagnostic consideration of echocardiography is really high. It helps to diagnose heart changes, that do not present any symptoms and cannot be found while electrocardiography.

    EchoCG is recommended when any of the following diseases are suspected:
    myocardial infarction
    heart failure
    cardiac tumor
    aneurysmal dilatation of thoracic aorta
    congenital and acquired heart disease
    This method allows to register and monitor ECG for 24 hours and to receive a detailed analysis. Holter monitor helps to detect qualitative and quantitative characteristics of electrocardiogram in different time intervals: day and night.
    Методика предоставляет возможность:
    Echocardiography (EchoCG)
    Echocardiography is recommended to patients with lower limb venous varices and thrombophlebitis.
    24-hours ECG monitoring method (Holter monitor)
    This method allows to register blood pressure levels both day time and night time. This is important while diagnosing arterial hypertension, dysautonomia.
    This method allows to:
    estimate surge in blood pressure and time of its origin (important while choosing medication that regulates blood pressure and correcting its dose) reduce
    medicamental usage in arterial hypertension treatment when hypotonia periods are discovered (drop in blood pressure)
    Bicycle ergometry
    Bicycle ergometry – functional exercise, registration electrocardiographic tracing and arterial tension during patient's physical activity. For that purpose, we use a special ergocycle with the function of impedance measuring in pedals.
    Bicycle ergometry procedure. Patient gets on a bicycle, while doctor equips him with electrodes and measures his blood pressure. ECG is shown on the screen online. After registration of the characteristics at rest, patient starts spinning the pedals. In 3 minutes the workload becomes increased – as if you went up the hill. The following workload stages also last 3 minutes.

    Patient should let the doctor know if he feels faintness, shortness of breath, chest pain, but he should not stop.

    Exercise is over by doctor command. Patient takes a rest for a couple of minutes, and after that his blood pressure is measured.
    ECG helps to discover the following diseases:


    Diagnostic Department at German Medical Center possesses the latest equipment for endoscopic examinations, functional diagnostics, ultrasound investigation of different organs.
    arrhythmia, extrasystole (change of heart rate variability and frequency)
    infarct, ischemia (myocardial injury)
    blocking (intracardiac capacity disorders)
    thromboembolia of the pulmonary artery (extracardiac diseases)
    myocardial changes (dystrophic, hypertrophic)
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