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highest picture quality
advanced capabilities of data processing
accuracy of diagnostics
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No radial stress. Ultrasound investigation can be held while pregnancy or other condition when X-ray investigation is contraindicated
Noninvasiveness and painlessness. No instrumental intervention (important while heart and gastroenteric tract examination)
High level of informativeness. For example small pelvis ultrasound investigation allows to assess the state of female pudendum and urinoexcretory system. This was difficult to acquire such information without surgical interference some years ago
Accuracy. Modern equipment provides with high quality pictures of internal organs, that allows to diagnose anatomical problems
Functional areas
abdominal examinations
superficial organs and constitutions locomotor system
vascular system
    German Medical Center is fitted with modern ultrasound equipment – digital multifunctional ultrasound system LOGIQ 5 (Germany):
    Advantages of ultrasound examination


    Diagnostic Department at German Medical Center possesses the latest equipment for endoscopic examinations, functional diagnostics, ultrasound investigation of different organs.
    Ultrasound investigation
    Modern method of diagnostics and internal organs diseases intelligence.
    This method allows to visualize almost any internal organ and assess its state.
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