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Traumatology and Orthopedics
First of all, orthopedic disorders can present in pain of varying intensity. Physiotherapy department at out clinic offers remedial and recovery programs for locomotor system. If physiotherapy is not effective, we perform the following procedures and operations:
Arthroscopic cruciate ligament plasty of the knee
Arthroscopic cruciate ligament plasty of the knee is the gold standard of treatment, that completely stabilizes knee joint.
While doing sports or in case of home or industrial accidents we often injure knee joint intraarticular structure – meniscus or crucial ligaments.

A tear in the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is far more common than in the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), because of the fact that it has more functions. The heaviest injuries are rapture of crucial ligament, two collateral ligament and joint capsule, that lead to knee joint dysfunction.

Surgical interference achieved the best outcomes in treatment of knee joint fibril texture.

Arthroscopic surgeries are less traumatic operations in cruciate ligaments maintenance recovery. We use patients' own ligament tissue for transplantation because it is more solid compared to artificial transplantat.
Arthroscopic cruciate ligament plasty of the knee at German Medical Center is performed by both German orthopaedic surgeon, traumatologist Rudolf Enz
infra-articular injections, obstructions
PRP therapy (plasmolifting of joints)
ligament and joint remodeling
arthroscopy of the shoulder, elbow and knee joints
kinesio taping
restoration of the meniscus
curing of carpal tunnel syndrome
curing of epicondylitis
curing of shoulder dislocation (fine tissue sculpting/ Latarjet-Bristow procedure with screw fixation)
curing of Dupuytren's contracture
remodeling of the toe-drop and hammerfinger
remodeling of the bunion
removal of the surgical hardware and exostosis
laparoscopic removal of Baker's cyst
Hohmann's operation
Osgood–Schlatter disease surgery
surgery for Haglund's deformity
and Russian trauma orthopaedist Ermolaev Vasiliy Alexandrovich.
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