Medical massage

At German Medical Center recovery therapy includes Medical classical massage and Medical lymphatic drainage massage.
Medical classical massage
Procedure is necessary during recovery therapy, as treatment and preventive measures of different diseases and trauma.
Medical lymphatic drainage massage
Procedure is necessary in cases of lower limb lymph tubes pathologies, disorders of venous origin, cardiovascular system problems, followed by edema, and complex trauma treatment.

Lymphatic drainage is especially effective for joints functional recovery after surgery; essential for upper limb edema treatment after lacteal gland or underarm lymph nodes removal.

During massage it is important to observe a rule "do not harm". Experienced massage therapists at our Center find a problem and solve it in a very gentle manner. Our employees were trained in Rehabilitation Clinic Schwertbad in Aachen, Germany, in the field of:
medical massage
myofascial massage
Passive motion with the help of postisometric relaxation method
German Medical Center offers an opportunity to reclaim mobility in cases of the most difficult joint problems.


German Medical Center possesses the latest German equipment for delivering rehabilitation.
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