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Joints regeneration with the help of medical training devices

EN-Dynamic Track device characteristics
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Joints need regeneration after trauma and surgeries (joint replacement etc). At German Medical Center we perform joints regeneration with the help of special medical training device EN-Dynamic Track by Dutch company Enraf Nonius, producing equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation since 1925.

What is special about these devices is the fact that impedance here is done not by metal movable weightening substance, but by pneumatic system (pressure air). This system allows to dose load weight up to 500 gramm, due to which movement starts softly, pull-free. Thus, muscle strength of damaged limb is growing gradually and without stress.
Training device exercises are also part of medical fitness and exercise therapy program, that are performed both individually and in groups.
choise of load from 0,5 up to 1 kilo to a high accuracy
electrical safety: using of central input of pressed air at 12 Volt
pneumatic load: noiseless work
smoothing of inertia effects on muscles (that is important after surgery)
the force is displayed digi¬tally and the number of repetitions are counted automatically
EN-Dynamic Track system allows physiotherapist to objectively estimate patient's condition in order to choose the most suitable exercise program for him


    German Medical Center possesses the latest German equipment for delivering rehabilitation.
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