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Passive Motion in the Postoperative Treatment

Sometimes complete joint mobility after cast removal is impossible to reclaim. Muscles and joints were fixated in one position for a long time and can not to relax by themselves. In that case it is necessary to start passive motion therapy in order to prevent contracture (restriction of joint movement).
We are ready to teach our patients to live a full life after joint replacement.
For that purpose we use postisometric relaxation method. Stressed muscles become stretched and relaxed. In case of sprain we affect certain points, that helps to minimize muscles pain.

If contracture is already formed, shockwave therapy can be effective.

German Medical Center also offers procedures for full activity recovery of joints after their replacement.

Our specialists were trained in German leading rehabilitation center - Schwertbad Clinic in Aachen, where specific attention is paid to rehabilitation of patients with artificial joints.


German Medical Center possesses the latest German equipment for delivering rehabilitation.
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